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customisation options

siteName - a short name used in the page title
siteURL - a link back to your site
logo - a logo for your site to go in front of menu bar (max 100 pixels wide x 64 pixels high)
header - full width HTML header for the page - can contain navigation links to areas of your site (but not banner or text adverts, affiliate links etc.)
outerColour - medium dark colour used for borders of fridge boxes (see diagram). Both white and black text used against this colour.
innerColour - a light contrast colour for insides of boxes. Black text and links used against this colour.
bgimage - a background image for the page. This image should be The layout assumes that the majority of the page has a white background, so this image should give a left hand border no more than 48 pixels wide.

See 'Customising vfridge for your site' for more information about customisation.


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